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One way to save a lot of money is to buy a good used bass boat.  Having a good boat will insure that you get to your fishing spot fast so that you can Catch Large Carp! well, you could catch carp (that's fun too), and those methods really work,  but you're really  buying the boat because you want to Catch Big Bass Now!  Either case, the goal is to find a quality used bass boat in almost new condition, then you will be saving thousands of dollars.  Bass boats are like automobiles because they lose their value rather quickly.  Bass boats are a very popular boat with anglers who fish for bass, crappie and other panfish. Bass boats are smaller than many other types of boats and they are easy to tow and easy to store.  Most bass boats hold about 2 or 3 people and are perfect for the serious fisherman or the casual angler.  Depending on the type of fishing you want to do or how much money you want to spend some bass boats are smaller around 12 feet with a smaller horsepower engine. Most boats will either be made of aluminum or fiberglass.  If you like working with your hands, You can Build Your Own Boat! or Dory. The larger bass boats are 18 feet or more which are mostly used by professional bass fisherman using high quality bass tracker bass boats or other types of high end ones.  For the fishing enthusiast and bass master fisherman, when looking for a preowned bass boat always make sure to find a quailty boat which is in excellent operating condition.  If you save a lot of money on your boat purchase,  you can always use it to buy more fishing poles or tackle. 
There are many secrets to catching big bass.  Some people use plastic worms, spinner baits, top water lures.  No matter what type of Lure you use there are
Techniques to CATCH MORE BASS

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